Why I Started Kick Boxing at 29

Vaguely athletic in recent years (a good jog more or less regularly, a little yoga here and there …), I decided to put myself in the world of sweet science.

Why boxing, suddenly like that, at 29? A combat sport is not trivial nor innocent. One rarely chooses by chance to learn to fight or to take the risk of deliberately hurting oneself.

Boxing, to learn how to make moves

As for a large majority of female-type individuals, my daily life is the fight. I have also experienced aggression, frankly mundane when we look a little on the numbers, but I do not wish anybody.

I had reached a stage where I felt like I was going through a lot of things in my life, which fed an already strong anger. I had become this vase that overflows, by dint of huge drops of water. I wanted to hit, make the shots, very concretely.

In short, I wanted to get out of the passivity in which I thought I would find myself.

I did some research, kick boxing immediately got me on paper. Unlike the English, we use our feet as well as our fists, with the cardinal value of respect for the opponent. Not insignificant advantage: it is easily practiced in an associative club next to my home.

Quick interlude to clarify that the associative aspect was also decisive: the atmosphere is often warm, without too much competition. Benevolent, then.

Neither one nor two, I note the practical information, I embark my favorite sports outfit, my sneakers, a small bottle of water (but what a mistake …) and I’m gone for my first class.

I had so much pain, but I liked it so much!

A year later … I’m addicted to kick boxing

Kick boxing is a demanding sport, but also very complete. Let me give you a list of its benefits and a thousand virtues:


What a mistake to provide only a small bottle of water, because it is a good liter and a half that it takes to compensate for the sweat evacuated during the two hours of training. I noticed very quickly the effects on my cardio, my ability to effort and my breath. Not to mention the amazing giant endorphin dump at each session!


We do push-ups, and abs, and bending, and burpees, and the chair. And it must be for cash and return. To sell you a little more dream, I got to know the concept of “cladding recovery”. So, no, no one ever gets anything out of a cladding position. You just feel like dying a little bit more. But you discover unexpected muscles, kind, biceps and trapezes! I’m still waiting for the six-packs, however …

 Flexibility and balance

To send your foot in the face of the opponent is not natural for everyone at first ..

The blows are very codified. To put a blow a forbidden … well, it’s forbidden. It is therefore necessary to control his actions with a certain precision.

Self Defense

Last but not least: we feel hyper confident. Knowing that one is able to destroy types (okay, not everyone, but still!), To collect blows, to parry them and to avoid them, it boosts the confidence in oneself!

Of course, you do not become Rocky Balboa (do you?) In two days. You have to learn to challenge yourself to progress and some people may find the time a little long.

Among the unintended consequences, the half-frightened half-scared air of people when they learn that I’m doing boxing ranks at the top of the podium. Is it really useful to specify here that this reaction comes mostly from male individuals? On the other hand, people who find it cool and badass are almost always women.

Did I mention that there are lots of girls practicing this discipline? The chances of facing a big golgoth-type nag are therefore limited. Anyway, you’ll end up popping it one day.

Lace up the glove and hit the bag today!

Why Learn Martial Arts?

Why play a combat sport? Sure, it changes fashion items! I wanted to share with you a reflection on the martial arts in general and make you benefit from my experience as a karateka. I started karate late, at the age of 20. 14 years later, I am black belt 2nd dan Karate shotokan, federal instructor and national referee Karate Contact. I taught in clubs and continue to do so in schools.


Why practice a martial art?

Which combat sport to choose?

My experience with karate

The different disciplines within the karate federation

Find a karate club in Lyon

Frequently Asked Questions

Why practice a martial art?

The answer is simple: for a thousand reasons. The martial arts have in common a set of values ​​that should guide all practitioners in their daily lives. Karate, for example, includes nine fundamental virtues that are honor, loyalty, sincerity, courage, kindness, humility, righteousness, respect and self-control. Hard to say that these qualities are not essential.

The psychological benefits

From a psychological point of view, practicing a combat sport above all helps to build self-confidence. Not because we think we are stronger than the others, but because the martial arts can push our limits, to become aware of its strengths but also and especially of our weaknesses in order to continue its progression. It is a perpetual learning that knows no end. You’ll tell me it’s the same thing in football or basketball. Yes, with one difference: in these sports, we can also rely on the collective because what matters is the group. In a martial art, we are in front of ourselves and are the own engine of our progress. It is impossible to hide behind someone.

In children, especially adolescents, practicing a combat sport can only be beneficial. Often badly in their skin, the martial arts can help them discover their qualities and thus gain the assurance that they so often lacks.

The physiological benefits

From a physiological point of view, practicing a combat sport allows a harmonious development of the body (since part of the training is dedicated to physical preparation, discipline in its own right), the development of reflexes and especially the improved coordination between the lower and upper limbs. We have rarely seen a long-time clumsy practitioner!

Which combat sport to choose?

This is the question that annoys. Every practitioner will tend to defend his own discipline. It is therefore difficult to have an objective opinion on the issue. Obviously, my first answer would be to tell you to get into karate!

In the end, there is no good answer when you want to practice a combat sport. It’s a very personal choice that depends primarily on your character. What are you looking for ? What do you like? For example, karate is a sport of percussion, that is to say that one carries blows with the feet and the fists. In contrast, judo is a sport of seizure where the objective is to bring his opponent to the ground to immobilize him. Aikido is rather an art of self-defense where you learn to neutralize a hostile person. Yet karate and judo are also forms of self-defense. And it’s not over ! You could very well be tempted by jujitsu (traditional or Brazilian?), Chinese martial arts, vietnamese and so on.

In any case, personally, I encourage people to practice a combat sport rather than a self-defense method like krav maga. Why ? Because it is fundamental, for me, to have a base of values ​​behind all these techniques of combat and it is what is missing, according to me, with these methods. Yes they are effective and very interesting but require, I believe, maturity and some experience.